Beware! Pyrotechnic explosives cost more than you think.
Beware! Pyrotechnic explosives cost more than you think.
February 12, 2014 0 Comments

Opponents of pyrotechnics wield a series of grievances of this industry in aspects such as: the environment, security and animals. But let us see what the realities are.

The arguments are based on a series of information that is rarely verified scientifically who worry about the argument that the pyro is bad and prefer to believe these fallacies feeling identified with safety advocates, animals or the environment rather than believe in the efforts of some fireworks companies.

The information in the growing opposition to pyrotechnics, and that serves as a balm to regulatory authorities of many countries and regions that live of working with the least possible effort, is based on the belief that fireworks are dangerous, that it affects the environment as well as pets causing an incipient rejection for the industry that is magnified by the media who report the most horrific scenes about the activity of beauty, art, work, training or education existing in the industry.

A common factor in all our Latin America is the lack of dialogue. Disparaged by opponents of pyrotechnics or stigmatization of the activity by the authorities is predominant in most forums and events. For the authorities this ensures them a conflict resulting in benefits: pyrotechnic are to blame for accidents. And of course the easiest solution is the prohibition in a negative and redundant sequence.

No matter how many arguments pyrotechnic industry can offer: it will always be bad, unsafe, polluting. And now, in addition to the systematic (and comfortable) opposition form regulatory authorities, natural sympathy is added to any photographic image of a dog presumably frightened by the noise generated by fireworks, pollution scenes or what is really serious, the hurt hand of a boy injured by a firework.

While education is the real solution to this analysis, as evidenced by the statistics made in different countries that have implemented programs to improvements in manufacturing, transportation, communication and use rather than prohibitions, Latin American pyrotechnic - starring actors in this environment - remain divided without understanding the existing risk, without understanding their main competitor, and without understanding the real problem as a whole.

This linkage of elements, recurring accidents in the industry, the sensational disclosure of incidents in the media, the growing concern of environmental groups and animal protectors, the propensity of the authorities to increase the restrictions and prohibitions and finally the communication gap of pyrotechnic group create a foreseeable problem for the industry.

Supporters of opposition groups to the pyrotechnics are honest, are aware, are specialists in the subject; those who are in favor of pyrotechnics are morons.

The regulatory authority is the victim, environmental, fair, true, noble, honest, committed, aware, skilled and hardworking. Pyrotechnic, offenders.

By: Alejandro Mantecón

[email protected]

This article is based on a post published by Alberto Carrillo Canan professor and writer